Ultrasound in the diagnosis of infectious and tropical diseases: A literature review

  • Mã bài báo : EN0702
  • Ngày xuất bản : 29/04/2021
  • Số trang : 15-26
  • Tác giả : Nguyen Quoc Vu
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  • Nguyen Quoc Vu 1 - Center for Tropical Diseases, Bach Mai Hospital



Using ultrasound (US) to diagnose and treat infectious and tropical diseases has tremendous promise, particularly in resource-constrained situations. In recent years, technical advancements have improved the availability and accessibility of ultrasonography in low-resource settings, where the burden of infectious illnesses is disproportionately high. In the right circumstances, ultrasound has the potential to reduce medical mistakes, offer more efficient real-time diagnosis, and complement or replace more sophisticated imaging when necessary. This review compiles the data supporting this practice and assesses its efficacy in this regard. 

Keywords: Ultrasound, infectious diseases, tropical diseases.

  • Chủ đề : Infectious Diseses
  • Loại bài báo : Review Articles
  • Chuyên nghành : Clinical Medicine

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