Số 07 (tiếng Anh) 2021/No 07-2021/Special Issue for 110 Year Anniversary of Center for Tropical Diseases

Diagnosis and management of tuberculosis among healthcare workers at a tertiary hospital in Vietnam
Tran Thu Trang

Chu Thi Hanh Vu Van Giap


HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder among long-term HIV/AIDS patients under antiretroviral therapy at Bach Mai Hospital
Do Duy Cuong

Ngo Van An Nguyen Thi Yen


Evaluation of the efficacy of Sofosbuvir/Daclatasvir regimen in treating HCV/HIV co-infected patients
Pham Ba Hien

Duong Quoc Bao Tran Thi Phuong Thao


Clinical, laboratory characteristics, and outcomes of murine typhus patients in Vietnam: A multicenter prospective cohort study
Nguyen Manh Truong

Tran Van Giang


Low prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies among high-risks health care workers at a tertiary referral hospital in Vietnam
Truong Thai Phuong

Le Thi Ngan Nguyen Ngoc Diep Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong Hoang Thi Ngan Vu Thi Tuong Van


Clinical features and factors associated with outcomes of COVID-19 patients in Vietnam: a retrospective observation analysis
Than Manh Hung

Nguyen Trung Cap Vu Dinh Phu Ta Thi Dieu Ngan Tran Thi Hai Ninh Tran Van Giang Do Duy Cuong Pham Ngoc Thach


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